Developed by Waypoint Interactive, Navigating Life® is an intuitive social media app designed to help your entire community stay connected. Real-time communication allows members to securely share updates, check-ins, and posts, which increases safety and accountability within the community and keeps everyone informed throughout the day.

Empower Your Community With:

With GPS monitoring, emergency notices, and consistent check-ins throughout the day.
All content and clinical data is protected through closed group administration.
With real-time communication, Navigating Life offers the transparency needed for families to rest assured that their loved ones are in good hands.
Navigating Life connects staff, guardians, caregivers, and family members in one platform for increased safety and security.
Keep your entire community informed with access for all, including our loved ones’ day-to-day activities, location, clinical data and more.
Navigating Life is designed as an inclusive app helping improve the lives people of all abilities.

Product Evolution

The story behind Navigating Life and some of the high-level milestones that got us to today:
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The infamous community incident

Feburary 2013 - A program community group was deemed missing and in danger with no means of location or communication – The day Navigating Life became an essential tool (read full story here).

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Navigating Life 1.0 Introduced

April 2013 - Work on a proof of concept began. The original concept brought to life through initial platform discovery and implementation.

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Full Program Deployment at NuPath

November 2015 - Finalized NL App rolls out to Organizational teams and programs at NuPath, Inc.

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Navigating Life 2.0 Released!

October 2018 - After years of testing, user feedback and data collection Nupath launched phase two of a minimal viable product (MVP) built on industry-leading technology.

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Navigating Life available in App Store

January 2019 - Instant download and administrative teams can now be set up for turnkey Organizational implementation.

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JRI selected for the Pilot Program

Feburary 2019 - Starting with JRI's developing abilities division, a key partner was selected and on-boarding facilitation begins.


Are you ready

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