Your toolkit for transparent and open communication

Navigating Life’s critical features are designed to help organizations deliver the best service delivery experience possible. With tools that ensure total transparency, safe and secure sharing of content, and optimized digital data collection, agencies can transform the way they support people.

Private Social Network

  • Enable families to see the moments that matter in real-time with our private social media interface.
  • Increase transparency with teams and caregivers as everyone can engage and share progress in one secure platform.
  • Keep all information safe with compliant data storage and enterprise level encryption.

Mobile Data Collection

  • Track progress and goals with instant logging.
  • Digitize critical data to give your teams easy access to what they need, when they need it.
  • Export reports and share them with your organization.

Seamless Communication

  • Connect face-to-face with compliant video conferencing.
  • Communicate easily with team members, families & staff with integrated instant messaging.
  • Instantly send alerts to your entire organization with real-time push notifications.
  • Gain increased oversight and help your organization achieve their goals.

Shift Notes

  • Maintain transparency between shifts with the Shift Notes feature.
  • Log notes digitally to allow other staff and managers to read a program’s ‘digital binder’ from anywhere.
  • Alert managers if a note is considered urgent.
  • Create seamless transitions that keep service delivery steady and consistent.

Schedule Management

  • The calendar feature allows organizations to schedule events for each of their programs.
  • Organize all your programming in one centralized location.
  • Schedule new events & alert team members.
  • Keep everyone informed of what activities are occurring.

Total Security & Compliance

  • Communicate and store data in a HIPAA compliant infrastructure.
  • Safeguard information with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.
  • Remove access immediately if necessary.

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