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Navigating Life is the all-in-one solution for providing exceptional service delivery and support in a digital world.

“With Navigating Life, we always see great photos and updates of Zach. We have grown to treasure these because they give us a window into his day and a gift to his family who loves him."

Family Member
Navigating Life User Survey

"Since using Navigating Life I receive 50% fewer calls from families wondering what’s going on in programs.”

Navigating Life User Survey

“I look forward to using Navigating Life daily. Friends of mine wonder what their child does during the day at other programs. Thanks to the app, I always feel connected."

- Parent
Navigating Life User Survey

Reimagine Service Delivery

Empower your organization to provide effective care like never before.

Track Progress

Ensure goals are being met every step of the way. Log progress, track improvements, and keep families up-to-date on their loved one’s journey.

Share Results

Enable your teams to conduct virtual program visits, collect critical information, and share real-time insights all in one secure, compliant platform that everyone can access.

Keep Connected

Help everyone see the amazing work that’s happening. Give your agency and the families you serve a chance to celebrate the moments that matter most.

Built to protect your data and your community.

HIPAA Compliant
TLS Protection

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