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Have a question about Navigating Life? We’re here to help! Here are some commonly asked questions about set up, security and using the app.

By ‘opting-in’ to the Navigating Life® platform, users agree to the terms and conditions of the software, acknowledging that they are participating in a closed, private group. When photos and/or videos are taken through the camera feature of the app, this media is not saved on the physical device used. Should any individual Navigating Life® user choose to remove media via screenshot or any other method from said device for personal or organizational use, the user is responsible for abiding by their specific organizational photo/video informed consent policy.

Navigating Life maintains a secure HIPAA-compliant infrastructure for the deployment of application services and databases. An independent third-party firm reviews, monitors, and maintains Navigating Life’s privacy and security standards. Any entity or organization that licenses the Navigating Life software will have a BAA in place.

Navigating Life® is designed as a private communication tool and only those that have been given permission and clearance to join a community group or team will have access to view content. Organizations select a system administrator to invite users and control their permissions/access to the application.

There is really no limit, the app is designed to scale for your needs. For Navigating Life® to be properly administered, and for a more private experience, smaller groups are typically more effective.

For Apple iOS users, Navigating Life® requires iOS 9.0 and later and is compatible with iPhone 5 and up, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. For Android users, Navigating Life® requires Android 7 and later and is compatible with all current Android devices that were built after 2016. Additionally, a desktop version of the application and the backend admin control panel are available from any internet browser.

Yes, Navigating Life® was built on industry-leading technology paired with Face ID, Touch ID, multi-factor authentication, private messaging and secure user management. Your community can retain confidence that your data is safe.

Yes. As the software is currently designed, organizations apply for usage by contacting
the Waypoint Interactive team at [email protected]. Upon acceptance, organizations are able to implement the technology across their programs and departments, all controlled by their system administrator. Organizations also control which family members, guardians, and stakeholders are invited to join.

Onboarding and licensing of Navigating Life® are based on a variety of factors based on a fair share pricing model. The goal is to make it affordable. Details on pricing will be covered as part of your initial discovery call. Organizations can opt for a full license or customize a program-specific rollout plan.

Users can submit technological support requests directly from the app under the support tab or by emailing [email protected]. End users with program-specific questions or support needs will contact their organization’s system administrator for assistance.

Our team will be happy to assist you with any further questions regarding the technology. You can connect with our team by emailing [email protected] or by submitting an inquiry through our website.

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