Human Services Faces a Pivotal Challenge.

Human Services agencies are being asked to do even more with even less. How will you respond?

Critical data is getting lost.

Overwhelmed with paper records and outdated systems, agencies have no easy way to track progress or share results. There’s no uniform method to ensure goals are met.

Agencies are struggling to provide effective service.

Agencies are being challenged to do more with less. Tight budgets, lack of consistent and qualified staff, and restrictions on in-person care have left them unable to deliver quality services.

Families are disconnected.

With no industry-wide standard for secure, digital communications, families, loved ones, and caregivers have no easy way to stay informed or receive feedback when there’s a problem.

It’s a New World. We Need New Tools.

Agencies have been fighting for new solutions and technology that can redefine the managed care industry. Now, it’s here.

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Revolutionize Care Delivery. Propel Your Agency Forward.

Track progress seamlessly.

Monitor your organization’s data on a secure, private platform. Log progress, track results & communicate seamlessly with key stakeholders to ensure success.

Ensure quality service.

Empower your team to provide virtual supports, conduct quality assurance checks, easily collect critical documentation, and effectively handle increased volume—no matter where they are.

Keep families connected.

Help families see their loved ones’ progress and the moments that matter. Keep them updated, informed, and engaged with the programs and services you’re providing.

“Navigating Life lets me get a check-in on my son and gauge the level of activity he is involved in. I can also see if he dressed and groomed appropriately…This is especially critical during the pandemic.”

- Parent
Navigating Life User Survey

"It's reassuring to see people take part in the programming that has been established for them."

- Service Coordinator
Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services

“I look forward to using Navigating Life daily. Friends of mine wonder what their child does during the day at other programs. Thanks to the app, I always feel connected."

- Parent
Navigating Life User Survey

Built to protect your data and your community.

HIPAA Compliant
TLS Protection

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